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DayZ update bringing fixes, cooking tweaks and new weapons

The latest update for zombie survival sandbox DayZ brings with it several new fixes and features, including a few tweaks that will stop some players and spawned zombies from being invisible to others, according to a post on the game's Tumblr.

Additions have also been made to the steadily-growing hunting and cooking system. A new system for "emissive" textures has been implemented, which will make the air around fires give off a heat haze. Players can also now upgrade fireplaces to make makeshift heat ovens for cooking in the wilderness.

New craftable content included in the update, besides fireplaces and cooking improvements, includes PVC bows and tweaks to the AKM gun that will make it compatible with the DayZ attachment system. The team is working on a side-mounted PSO scope to add on to AK weapons as well. Throwing, ragdoll and bow and arrow physics have also been smoothed over for more realistic arcs. Arrows will also now stick into targets and the animations for drawing and firing bows has been improved.

New towns have also been added to the Chernarus map, tucked away and abandoned in the green landscape. Pictures of two such areas can be found in the Tumblr post. The team is also working to improve animal, collision and roaming zombie pathfinding and optimizations for the persistent loot system.

Once the build containing these updates is stable, developer Bohemia Interactive will push it live. Future updates will include vehicles and a barricading system, according to the post.

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