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Company of Heroes 2 expands with The Western Front Armies this June

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Relic Entertainment's Company of Heroes series returns to World War II's Western Front with new multiplayer content in Company of Heroes 2: The Western Front Armies, Sega announced today.

Two new armies, the U.S. Forces and German Oberkommando West, will be playable in the upcoming add-on, each with new units, new models, new abilities, new animations and new strategic and tactical options, Relic said. Eight seasonal multiplayer maps set in the Western Front will ship alongside the two armies, and Company of Heroes 2 players can use each faction in player-versus-player multiplayer or against AI.

According to a release from Sega, a new progression system introduces other unique content and enables players to "dive deeper into the tactical and strategic aspects" of Company of Heroes 2.

The two armies will be available for purchase as a pair for $19.99. They can also be purchased individually for $12.99 each. Relic says the new content is purely standalone, and does not require an existing copy of Company of Heroes 2 to play.

Company of Heroes 2: The Western Front Armies will be available on Windows PC this June. For more on Company of Heroes 2, read our review of the real-time strategy game.

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