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Life is short in strategy game Hero Generations

In strategy game Hero Generations, every move the player makes costs one year of life. The point is to make the right choices that benefit the next generation.

Touted as a "rogue-like about life, legacy & love" by developer Scott Brodie, the game first made an appearance on Facebook in 2011, but is now looking for a release on Windows PC. A Kickstarter was launched this week, with a funding target of $32,000.

"The game is about a simple question," said Brodie, whose previous work includes Highgrounds. "How do you want to spend the limited years you have left in your life?"

Players can choose what actions they want to take in the procedurally generated world, including amassing wealth, building structures or fighting monsters. But they must seek a mate to produce a new generation, which the player then controls.

"Right now I have a gameplay prototype with about a year of tweaking put into it," he added. "Even with the placeholder art I have in the game I have been really surprised at how positive the response to the game has been."

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