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The Elder Scrolls Online players will have more challenges past the level cap

The Elder Scrolls Online players who reach the level 50 cap will have plenty of Veteran Ranks content to keep them busy, according to creative director Paul Sage.

In a post on the ESO blog, Sage details the challenges in Tamriel only available to those with Veteran Ranks, players who reach their progression peak. Players at level 50 can head into Cyrodiil, ESO's player-versus-player zone, alone or with a friend to quest for loot and collect resources.

Smaller groups called "gank squads" can also roam the PvP zone commandeering farms and other resource points and taking on small hordes of roaming enemies. This training will make these groups invaluable to the Alliance War, ESO's ongoing plot thread. Larger PvP groups can perform sieges or sabotage enemies by cutting of supply lines. Veteran Rank zones also offer both single-player and two-player PvE content, Sage said, noting that two-thirds of the "hand-crafted" quests and content for ESO become available at the level 50 cap.

"I have said many times that our game opens up at 50-this is what I was talking about," Sage wrote. "At Veteran Rank 1 you can travel anywhere in the first or second alliance you want to go. When you meet the qualifications for opening up the third alliance, the entirety of the current game world is open to you. Yes, it does get harder, but that's part of the fun and challenge."

There are also four-player and 12-player PvE scenarios available with stories that pick up from where lower-level dungeons left off. These dungeons have replay value, Sage said, due to the high-level achievements associated with them. There will be six Veteran Dungeons available when ESO ships next week, as well as the Craglorn four-player Adventure Zone and 12-player Trials challenges.

"We will introduce new systems over time which will add to both the pre- and post-level 50 game," Sage wrote. "Adding fresh new systems helps broaden the experience for all players, giving you even more things to do on a given day."

The Elder Scrolls Online will launch next week, April 4, for Mac and Windows PC, with PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions following in June. Check out the list of campaigns that will be available when early access to the game opens this weekend.

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