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Forza 5 update makes it free to add owned DLC cars to your garage

Forza Motorsport 5's latest update includes further tweaks to the racing game's economy, broadening the access players receive to the cars they've already purchased, according to developer Turn 10 Studios.

In an open letter to the Forza community posted on the series' website, Turn 10 creative director Dan Greenawalt discussed the patch, which is now available for all Forza 5 players and contains what he called "fundamental improvements" to the game.

For one thing, players who have bought downloadable cars will now be able to add them to their in-game garage at no additional cost. Until today, players had to purchase add-on vehicles with real money — whether the cars came by themselves, in DLC packs or as part of the game's $49.99 Car Pass — and then pay to unlock access to them with in-game credits or additional real money. The change will also apply to any future DLC cars that players buy: Players will be able to add them to their garage without needing to unlock them with in-game credits or tokens.

Today's update also changed the library of cars available in Forza 5's free play mode. To this point, players could only use the cars inside their garage in free play, or choose from a selection of "rental cars" that was a subset of all the vehicles available on the disc. Starting today, all 200 of the cars that launched with Forza 5 will be available as rental cars.

Turn 10 has made a number of sweeping changes to the in-game economy in Forza 5 since the game's launch alongside the Xbox One in November, mostly in response to negative feedback from players. In December, the studio dropped car prices across the board and increased the rate at which players earned credits.

Greenawalt also teased an upcoming free add-on that will be announced early next month, but gave no indication as to what it could be.

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