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Dungeon crawler Mind Zero hits PS Vita May 27

Class of Heroes developer Zero Div and Acquire's collaboration dungeon crawler Mind Zero will launch for PlayStation Vita on May 27, according to a post on the PlayStation Blog.

Mind Zero is a first-person game in which characters fight using mind-controlled powers. Players will move between two worlds, the spirit world and Japan's Saitama Prefecture. The story follows Kei, a high school student who forges a companionship with an entity called a MIND that can also be used as a weapon. Kei must unravel the secrets of the MIND beings while he and his friends are on the run from the government.

In combat, players can fight solo or summon their MIND to fight alongside them, as well as use the typical smattering of RPG action options including using items, charging up power for defensive moves and escaping from battle. Using a MIND in battle is like casting a magic spell and drains players' MP (magic points).

Mind Zero will be available both at retail and digitally at launch. The title was announced in Famitsu in May 2013 and launched that August in Japan.

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