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Plague Inc: Evolved - Overview video

Even if you're totally cool with committing global biological atrocities, Plague Inc: Evolved is kind of a tricky proposition.

The recently launched Steam Early Access port of the mobile game certainly takes advantage of the "Early Access" classification, lacking a few of its biggest additions at launch. Its visuals are certainly enhanced, giving you gratuitous views of your horrifying contagion; but is that enough to justify this version's larger price tag before its biggest features — like multiplayer — get added on? Also, why is Canada immune to all illness, forever? What's their secret?

In today's Overview, Polygon's Dave Tach and I attempt to destroy all life on Earth with a disease that's rooted in real-world science. By which I mean we fill migratory birds with bacterial goo, like one might fill a doughnut with doughnut-jelly. It's our most appetizing Overview yet!