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End of Nations development is 'on hold,' Trion says

End of Nations development is "on hold" as developer Trion Worlds focuses on other projects, a representative from Trion told Polygon today.

The official End of Nations' site is down as of this writing, and Trion's official site no longer mentions the Windows PC game. Its official Facebook page is still live but hasn't been updated since August 6, 2013.

According to Trion's statement, development ceased late last year.

"As we informed EON's community last fall, internal development on End of Nations was put on hold in late 2013 while we evaluated potential paths forward for the title," the statement reads. "We're currently focusing the company's energy and creativity on Rift, Defiance, Trove, ArcheAge and some new projects that we will be revealing soon."

End of Nations development has undergone several changes in the last years. Original developer Petroglyph's final beta was planned for October 2012. By late November 2012, then-publisher Trion postponed the game's open beta indefinitely to attend to "several key areas of the game which need polish and improvement." The following month, reports indicated that Petroglyph Games laid off 30 members of its staff. In December 2012, Trion announced that End of Nations development had shifted to Trion Worlds.

In June 2013, Trion announced its intention to retool End of Nations by combining a massively multiplayer online battle arena with real-time strategy to create "the world's first MOBA RTS."

Last year also brought two major changes at the developer. In early August, Trion closed its San Diego studio. As a result, development of Defiance and End of Nations moved to the company's Redwood City headquarters. By mid-August, Trion confirmed to Polygon that it would close its Guildford, U.K. office as "part of its recent company realignment. "