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The Walking Dead Season 2's next episode dated for Xbox 360, iOS

Episode two of The Walking Dead Season 2 is coming to Xbox 360 on March 5 and iOS on March 6, according to an update from developer Telltale Games.

Previously, the episode titled "A House Divided" was announced for release on Mac, PlayStation 3 (in North America) and Windows PC on March 4. All dates, with the exception of the PS3 version, apply worldwide to The Walking Dead Season 2's second episode.

Purchased individually, "A House Divided" will cost $4.99. The game is included as part of the game's season pass.

The Walking Dead Season 2 launched in December with its first episode, "All That Remains." The game's second season puts players in control of the young but resilient Clementine. Players will follow her as she struggles to survive in an unforgiving wilderness ravaged by the zombie outbreak, as well as navigate relationships with other survivors.

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