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Warframe Zephyr Rises update adds new HUD, mode and air-based Warframe

The Zephyr Rises update for Digital Extremes' free-to-play third-person shooter, Warframe, is now live on PlayStation 4, introducing new heads up display, weapons, numerous changes, game mode and a new aeronautical Warframe called Zephyr.

Update 12 expands the forest level set teased in Update 11.5 across all Earth nodes and introduces a new game capture the base mode called Interception. With four control areas up for grabs, the team who accumulates the maximum number of capture points first by gaining control of the areas wins.

"The more points you hold, the faster your score goes up," associate producer Pat Kudirka wrote on the PlayStation blog. "When the round's over, the score is reset and players have the option to claim their reward and quit, or continue to fight on for a bigger reward similar to Defense mode."

The new Zephyr Warframe specializes in air attacks and mobility. Players can build her in the new Tenno Research Lab now available to users. The new Warframe can be see in action in the introduction video below.

The PlayStation 4 version also receives a new HUD with the Zephyr Rises update. HUD 2.0 is less obtrusive, according to Kudirka, and contains more information and customizable options for the player. "Another big change our players will notice is our 3D transmissions, which bring so much more life to our various friends and foes in the Warframe universe," Kudirka wrote.

Zephyr Rises also includes new weapons, alternate Oryx helmet for Oberon, new skins, mod stacking and more. The full list of new inclusions and changes are located on the official Warframe forums and highlighted in the video above. For more on Warframe, check out Polygon's interview with studio general manager Sheldon Carter about the game's development.

[Update 8/26/14: Changed description to "third-person shooter" in opening sentence.]

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