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Titanfall figurines coming soon by Threezero

Figurine designer and manufacturer Threezero will create a product line based on Respawn's first-person shooter Titanfall, the company announced today.

Threezero acquired the rights to create 1/12 scale to 1/6 scale models of the futuristic shooter's Titans and pilots. As a teaser, the company has created a 1/12 scale model of the Atlas Titan and a to-scale pilot, which it plans to reveal soon. Of all of the Titans, which are "weapons platform with personality," Atlas offers players a balance of armor and maneuverability.

"We will disclose more details about figures," the company said in a statement, "which we are making as we get closer to showing the prototype (which will happen really soon), however we can already say that Titan on this teaser is about 20" tall and will come with the pilot."

Threezero has previously created figurines based on 2014 film Robocop, manga series Mazinger Z and HBO television series Game of Thrones.

Titanfall was released March 11 on Xbox One and Windows PC and will launch on April 8 on Xbox 360. For more on the game, you can check out Polygon's Titanfall review and watch our Overview video to see the game in action.

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