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Warhammer's Mordheim: City of the Damned goes from board game to digital release this year

Game Workshop's Warhammer-based tabletop game Mordheim: City of the Damned is making the leap from board game to digital port, publisher Focus Home Interactive announced.

Mordheim, originally released in board game form in 1999, will feature turn-based tactical gameplay in its digital iteration. The game focuses on various skirmishes across the streets of Mordheim, as players lead a warband they will level and customize.

"After the Comet of Sigmar crashed on Mordheim, the City of Damned turned into a terrifying battlefield where rival warbands fight fiercely for the control of key neighborhoods, looking for glory and fortune by acquiring the very valuable Wyrdstone fragments," reads a statement from the publisher, which gives you a taste of the setting.

City of the Damned, currently in development by Montreal-based Rogue Factor, will also feature a solo campaign alongside numerous multiplayer modes where troops can lose limbs or die permanently. The game is slated for release later this year; However, no specific platforms have been announced just yet.