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Uncharted, Killzone, Heavy Rain make Minecraft appearance on PS3

The latest update to Minecraft on PlayStation 3 adds a number of new skins for player avatars, including a handful based on PlayStation franchise characters, according to a post on the PlayStation Blog.

Skin Pack 1 includes outfits based on characters like Uncharted's Nathan Drake, thieving fox Sly Cooper and a handful of outfits from Heavy Rain and the Killzone series. A second skin pack, the Battle and Beasts pack, feature a number of animal and creature-themed skins, including a koala, ocotpus and cavemen.

Two new texture packs are also available, the City Texture pack and the Plastic Texture pack. The former — designed for the "modernist Minecrafter" according to the post from Mojang's Owen Hill – is a more "clean, clinical look," while the latter makes all surfaces look like plastic.

The title update also brings a number of new items with it, including Emerald Ore, Quartz Slab and Potatoes, as well as a number of new features such as the ability for buckets to fill up with rain and leading pigs along with carrots on sticks. A full list detailing the additions with Title Update 14 was made available last week.

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