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Cave Story dev's new game, Kero Blaster, launches May 11

Cave Story creator Studio Pixel will release its upcoming action platformer, Kero Blaster, for iOS and Windows PC May 11.

Kero Blaster was originally announced as Gero Blaster at BitSummit in Japan last year; the game's story and title have since been reworked.The 2D action title now stars a bipedal frog and office worker in charge of clearing the company teleporter of monsters. PAX East attendees will have the chance to play it at the Indie Megabooth.

Kero Blaster will be available for $4.99 on iOS and $7.99 on Windows PC. The game's launch date is intended to coincide with the 3-year anniversary of Japanese digital distributor Playism, which helped release titles such as La-Mulana, Dear Esther and To the Moon. Playism will help release the PC version of Kero Blaster as well.

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