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The actors behind Dragon Age: Inquisition's Morrigan, Varric discuss their craft

A new video from BioWare takes viewers behind-the-scenes with two of the game's voice actors — Brian Bloom and Claudia Black — who voice the characters Varric and Morrigan, respectively.

Bloom provides his take on the character of Varric — a dwarf rogue first introduced in Dragon Age 2 — while Black provides insight as to why she enjoys the work and its challenges.

"I love voice work because I can usually turn up without having bathed," Black joked. "[Voice acting] is extremely playful and it allows actors to be very unself-conscious. There are tehcnical aspects to it — not wearing noisy clothing, and yet trying to make all the sounds come from your body because you can hear the difference when everything sounds too clinical and cold."

Black's long-running character, Morrigan, will not be playable as a party member in the upcoming title but will serve a "significant role" in the game. Dragon Age: Inquisition is expected to launch this fall for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Windows PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. For more on the game, check out our preview.

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