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Report: Leaked Titanfall images highlight landmarks of multiplayer maps

Top-down views of 15 of Titanfall's multiplayer maps highlighting key landmarks such as ziplines and the hackable turrets of each has reportedly leaked via Reddit user FallenFusion.

The latest asset leak follows FallenFusion's leak earlier this week that revealed the Call of Duty-like mode called Generations and some of the game's maps and their respective features. In Generations, once Titanfall players reach the level cap, to become a second-generation pilot, with a total of 10 generations to complete. Second-generation pilots earn experience at a 10 percent faster rate.

Titanfall's campaign reportedly features nine different matches with five rounds of Attrition (team deathmatch), and four of Hardpoint. Titanfall will also offer a fifth option called Pilot Hunter where one point is awarded for every Pilot killed. Dispatching AI opponents awards no points, while it does decrease the time to earn titans.

Polygon reached out to Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts for comment on the leak. Titanfall launch March 11 on PC and Xbox One, and on March 25 on Xbox 360.

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