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DICE LA to handle remaining Battlefield 4 DLC

Battlefield 4 developer DICE Stockholm is handing over the reigns to its Los Angeles office for the remainder of the game's downloadable content, publisher Electronic Arts confirmed to Polygon.

After this month's release of the Naval Strike expansion, the L.A. branch will be in charge of the development of Battlefield 4's final two DLC add-ons. The studio, which includes former staff of Medal of Honor studio Danger Close, helped in the development of the game's Second Assault DLC which launched last month.

"DICE LA works closely with the DICE studio in Stockholm on Battlefield 4," an EA representative told us. "Development of Battlefield 4 Second Assault was led by DICE LA and the studio will continue to lead on future expansion packs including Battlefield 4 Dragon's Teeth and Battlefield 4 Final Stand."

Battlefield 4 DLC was briefly postponed by DICE Stockholm following numerous bugs at launch.

"First, we want to thank the fans out there that are playing and supporting us with Battlefield 4," an EA spokesperson told us at the time. "We know we still have a ways to go with fixing the game - it is absolutely our No. 1 priority. The team at DICE is working non-stop to update the game. Since Battlefield 4 China Rising expansion pack was already in the final stages of development by the time issues began with Battlefield 4, we decided to fulfill our promise to deliver it this week, but we're not moving onto future projects or expansions until we sort out all the issues with Battlefield 4. We know many of our players are frustrated, and we feel their pain. We will not stop until this is right."

An alleged DICE developer took to Reddit to confirm the Los Angeles studio's new focus on Battlefield 4 DLC. "DICE Stockholm is doing Naval Strike, everything else will be done by DICE LA," they wrote.

DICE Stockholm is currently working on the development of both Star Wars: Battlefront and upcoming installment in the Mirror's Edge franchise.

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