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Drakengard 3's second pre-order tier includes Nier-themed costumes

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Square Enix revealed the second tier of pre-order bonuses for upcoming action role-playing game Drakengard 3 — a costume pack based on outfits from 2010 series spin-off Nier, according to a post on the PlayStation Blog.

Players who pre-order before April 9 will get the costume pack, which includes two costume skins for heroine Zero — one of Nier's protagonist's outfits and clothing worn by the character Kainè — as well as a hat for in-game dragon Mikhail modeled after character Emil's face.

Those who have pre-ordered Drakengard 3 prior to day will receive the Nier costume pack in addition to the tier one bonuses, which include a bonus level and a number of physical goods. The third tier of pre-order bonuses is slated to be announced on April 9.

Additionally, Square Enix shared a video diary in which series producer Takamasa Shiba discusses how Drakengard 3 came into development after an eight-year hiatus from the franchise. In the video above, Shiba also details how the team is working to create a mature, well-rounded story for the action RPG.

Drakengard 3 will launch exclusively for PlayStation 3 on May 20. The first chapter of the game's prequel novella is available to read now on the game's website, with more chapters to be added in the coming weeks.