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XCOM: Enemy Unknown - The Complete Edition hits Mac, PC

XCOM: Enemy Unknown — The Complete Edition, a bundle featuring Firaxis' alien-themed strategy game and its major add-on content, is now available for Mac and Windows PC, publisher 2K announced today.

The Complete Edition costs $49.99 and bundles together the main game along with its XCOM: Enemy Within expansion. The Complete Edition also includes three additional content packs: the Elite Soldier Pack, which adds three cosmetic features include new deco packs and color options for soldiers' armor; the Operation Slingshot pack, a string of new missions and a new playable character; and Second Wave, which unlocks advanced difficulty options for players seeking more challenging missions.

The bundle will be available internationally this Friday, March 7.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown launched in Oct. 2012, with its major expansion, XCOM: Enemy Within, following in Nov. 2013. The strategy title has won numerous accolades in the year and a half post-launch, including Polygon's #5 Game of the Year for 2012 and Best Strategy/Simulation award for Enemy Within at this year's DICE Awards.

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