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Crawl pits a Hero against his monstrous multiplayer friends

Crawl, developer Powerhoof's "competitive multiplayer dungeon crawler where your friends control the monsters," made it through Steam Greenlight within a day of being posted on Valve's community voting service.

The pixelated game supports 2-4 players with controllers or keyboard and mouse controls. One plays the Hero, while the others take on the role of monsters and traps and try to take the Hero down. In each 30-minute match, players earn XP, level up and gain both weapons and magic items. Gain enough XP, and the Hero can challenge the boss, who's controlled cooperatively by other players.

The developer plans to launch an Early Access version of Crawl "as soon as we can." That version will support local multiplayer, and Powerhoof is also "exploring online multiplayer."

Check out the trailer above to see the horrors that await the Hero in Crawl's randomly generated dungeons.

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