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Eve: Source will guide you through the vast universe of Eve Online (update)

Eve: Source, a 200-page guidebook into the history and lore of Eve Online, releases today from CCP Games and Dark Horse.

The full-color hardcover release is available for $39.99 from most comic book stores.

A limited edition of the guidebook will also be made available exclusively at the Dark Horse booth at Emerald City Comic-Con this month in Seattle. Only 200 copies are available, selling at a price point of $89.99.

Eve: Source was first announced at CCP's annual Eve Online fanfest in 2013. The guide will flesh out areas of the Eve universe previously unseen by its players.

Update: An earlier version of this story stated a digital edition of Eve: Source was available through Dark Horse Digital and the Amazon Kindle Store. CCP informed Polygon that Eve: Source is currently not available through these channels, and that other digital editions will be available March 18. We have corrected the story to reflect these changes.