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Bandai Namco picks up space shooter GoD Factory: Wingmen

Following an unsuccessful crowdfunding campaign last fall, space combat game GoD Factory: Wingmen will be published by Bandai Namco, indie company Nine Dots Studio announced today.

Wingmen launched on Kickstarter last September, but made only $51,600 of its $70,000 goal amount. Today, nearly five months later, the studio has announced that Bandai Namco has picked up publishing for the Linux, Mac and Windows PC title.

Studio founder Guillaume Boucher-Vidal wrote on the Nine Dots blog that the developers had been in negotiations with various publishers since last November, noting the studio didn't have the funds necessary to self-publish at the time. According to Boucher-Vidal, Nine Dots turned down several offers, "even when large amounts of cash were on the table."

"I've been vocal about my reluctance regarding publishers," he wrote. "I still think that the best route, when it is possible, is to self-publish to ensure that the developers are reaping the rewards of their work. However, what we've learned throughout the years is that it's much easier to be independent when you already have a following behind you. To build a large enough community to support a company takes time, dedication and a bit of luck.

"We want GoD Factory to reach its audience, and clearly we didn't have the tool for that, as demonstrated by our kickstarter campaigns," he added. "Dealing with a publisher was thus the most viable option to both get the funds to finish the game and reach the audience that would be interested in it."

The deal with Bandai Namco is the "best case scenario" for Nine Dots, Boucher-Vidal wrote, and the company is working to help reduce crunch time and teach good management practices among the indie team. The studio will share more details in the coming weeks about an open beta for God Factory: Wingmen.

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