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Killzone: Shadow Fall's first multiplayer expansion hits in April

The first expansion for Killzone: Shadow Fall's multiplayer component is called the Insurgent Pack, and it will be available in April for $9.99, developer Guerrilla Games announced today.

Headlining the add-on is a new class, The Insurgent. It starts with nothing more than a pistol, but is equipped with two special talents, Steal and Hack. The former allows it to pilfer opponents' bodies for weapons and abilities that are usable throughout that multiplayer match (even after respawning). The latter allows Insurgents to turn enemy ground automata to their side.

The Insurgent Pack also adds three new abilities to the Scout, Support and Assault classes: E-Pulse emitter, Tactical Echo emitter and Guard Drone. Three additional weapons are included as well: the M82 assault rifle from Killzone 2 and Killzone 3; the L512 SMG Pistol, a secondary weapon; and the Sta14 rifle, a sniper's delight. Buyers of the Insurgent Pack will also see collectible crates with bonus rewards spawn in multiplayer games for a limited time.

Players will have new challenges to complete and PlayStation Network Trophies to earn if they pick up the DLC, as well as a personalization pack with one OWL skin, three Spotlight moves and a voice-over pack. Rounding out the Insurgent Pack is actually a non-multiplayer addition to Shadow Fall: a new difficulty level for the campaign that offers three lives on the Hard setting.

The Insurgent Pack will be available free to owners of the Shadow Fall season pass. Multiplayer maps for the game will remain free; Guerrilla recently launched the first two, The Cruiser and The Hangar.

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