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GameStop hikes price on hard-to-find PlayStation 4 camera

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Michael McWhertor is a journalist with more than 17 years of experience covering video games, technology, movies, TV, and entertainment.

Retailer GameStop is selling the PlayStation 4's camera above the device's suggested price, tacking on an extra $10 for the accessory as it remains in short supply at retail.

The camera carries a suggested retail price of $59, according to a Sony press release from 2013. GameStop currently carries it for $69.99, though it listed the PS4 camera at its original price last month.

Sony's PlayStation Camera is sold out or unavailable at major online retailers like Best Buy, Target and Amazon, though other sellers are listing the PS4 camera through Amazon, with prices starting at $98. Polygon contacted Sony Computer Entertainment America last month about the PlayStation Camera's supply issues and when PS4 owners might be able to find the accessory more easily, and we received the following statement:

"While we do not comment on the sales figures, shipment or monthly production quantity, PlayStation Camera remains in high demand, and we've been pleased with the camera's popularity among PlayStation 4 owners," a spokesperson said. "Live broadcasting on PS4 is thriving, with more than 3.6 million live gameplay broadcasts streamed via Twitch and Ustream. PS4's broadcasting capabilities have been a driver for strong sales of the PS Camera, which puts the gamer front and center to engage with the community more directly. We continue to control our production according to market demand and increase the production as necessary to meet the needs."

We followed up with SCEA again today and are awaiting comment.

Polygon contacted GameStop to ask if its PlayStation Camera pricing was posted in error or in response to supply and demand, but received no response. The retailer has adjusted pricing on scarce items before, charging well above original suggested retail pricing for Wii games Metroid Prime Trilogy and Xenoblade Chronicles. Prices on those two games have since been lowered.

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