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Resident Evil 6 prequel manga coming West this fall

The prequel manga to Capcom's Resident Evil 6, previously published only in Japan, is coming to North America this fall, reports Anime News Network.

The five-volume Biohazard: Marhawa Desires will be published in the West by Viz Media. The story chronicles the events leading up to the game, with the first volume coming in November.

Marhawa Desire features a story and artwork by photographer and manga artist Naoki Serizawa. The manga details the outbreak of the C-virus, which begins with a female student succumbing to the illness at Marhawa High School in Singapore. An investigation into the matter is lead by Professor Doug Wright and his nephew Ricky — characters new to the series through the manga — turns deadly, so series hero Chris Redfield and his team are called in to unravel the virus's mystery.

Resident Evil 6 was released in Sept. 2012. Check out Polygon's review here.

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