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Rust dev planning to add a TF2-inspired item editor, new UI and farming

Rust, Facepunch Studios' zombie-free survival game, plans to add an internet-based item editor, a new user interface and farming, developer Garry Newman revealed in a weekly update.

According to Newman, Facepunch's plan is to get it running for developers and then release it publicly, as Valve did with Team Fortress 2's hats. Developers will sort through items created and players will be able to vote for them.

"That's our dream anyway," Newman wrote. "The website side is really easy. It's getting the items in game that's a bit more involved and might take a couple of weeks [...] because a lot of stuff needs replacing. The good news is that it's all crap and needs replacing with a better system, and once we've laid the foundations we'll be able to add new items like it's nothing."

Facepunch is also revamping Rust's UI, an early version of which you can see on the game's official Trello board. Helk, Rust's project lead, is working to add farming to the game.

"It's what it sounds like," Newman wrote. "We need to explore a bunch of performance issues we may or may not have with the system — so this is taking longer than expected too."

Rust is available for $19.99 on Linux, Mac and Windows PC though Steam Early Access, where the open-world game launched last December. By late February, it eclipsed $30 million in sales. Be sure to check out Polygon's Overview video to see Rust in action.

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