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TowerFall Ascension's Quest and Trials modes detailed

While TowerFall: Ascension won't stray from the original Ouya version's core mechanics of shooting arrows and stomping on heads, this upgraded version introduces a Quest mode and time-based Trials designed to further test players' skill, according to a post on the PlayStation Blog.

Quest mode can be completed in local co-op or single-player and works similar to a horde mode, testing players against oncoming waves of enemies. Each enemy type will move at different speeds and use different kind of weapons; for example, a wave of slower enemies could break to reveal a more quick set wielding arrows, necessitating an on-the-fly strategy change.

Friendly fire is also enabled in Quest mode, making it possible to accidentally take out your partner, and the number of lives will be limited. Players can also shoot arrows across the map for one another to pick up and divvy up spawning power-ups.

In the single-player Trials mode, players will have a chance to hone their shooting skills and reflexes. Players will go through maps destroying straw dummies within a time limit, successful completion of which unlocks medals. Challenges can be completed multiple times and have a quick-restart option, allowing a smooth way for players to repeatedly practice grinding through stages.

Towerfall: Ascension will launch for PS4 and Windows PC on March 11. Creator Matt Thorson confirmed the game will be local co-op only.

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