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Ouya content coming to Mad Catz's Mojo Android console this spring

Gaming hardware manufacturer Mad Catz is bringing content from the Ouya microconsole to its own TV-compatible Android-based Mojo device, the company announced today.

The news comes shortly after Ouya's announcement of its initiative to begin embedding its content on other devices. Ouya's debut on Mojo will launch later this spring with all current Ouya content; future content planned for the Ouya will also come to Mojo, and Ouya games will support Mad Catz's GameSmart line of mobile gaming peripherals.

The Mojo, which launched last December, will also see its price lowered to $199.99 from $249.99 in the U.S., with similar cost cuts planned for other territories, according to a statement sent to press.

"Up until now, the game console experience has been locked inside a box," said Ouya CEO and founder Julie Uhrman said in a statement. "Together with the hardware veterans at Mad Catz, we end that. Today's announcement signifies the inception of a truly open platform where independent developers can bring their creations to the platforms where gamers actually play: everywhere."

"This agreement with Ouya encapsulates our vision of an open software platform powered by Mojo's high-performance hardware, and supported by the entire ecosystem of GameSmart gaming accessories," added Mad Catz CEO and president Darren Richardson. "We believe today's announcements will widen the appeal of Mojo introducing it to a greater number of passionate gamers."

Earlier this week, Uhrman said the company began discussing embedding Ouya content on other manufacturers' devices during the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show, suggestioning the company is aiming to build an ecosystem stemming from the Android-based microconsole.

"We started with a $99 box, but we always wanted to create a console platform that can live on other people's devices," she said. "We just knew it was going to take us a little bit of time to get it ready. Now we think the software is good enough, it's ready to be embedded in other people's devices."

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