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Spearhead Games' next title is a physics-based, soccer-inspired eSport

Spearhead Games, the developer of the physics-based puzzler Tiny Brains, announced today via a Twitch stream that its next game will be a competitive, physics-based eSport that draws inspiration from soccer.

An early build of the game was shown on the Twitch stream, and those who are interested in playing it and offering feedback to the developers can sign up for a free Steam key here.

Tentatively titled Project Cyber, the game supports six players in three versus three matches. Studio co-founder Simon Darveau described the game as being "a bit like League of Legends," with a focus on champions who each have their own unique physics-based powers. Using these powers, players work together in teams to capture the ball and get it into the opponent's goal. Some of the physics-based powers already implemented include a chain hook that allows a character to cast a chain, hook the ball, and pull it toward themselves, and a block ability that creates a physical block on which the ball ricochets.

The developers will live-stream development of the game every weekday from 7 p.m. ET, which is an extension of their weekly hour-long game development streams. During these streams, they are inviting viewers to contribute ideas and feedback.

"Taking our experimental findings from Tiny Brains, we decided we want to give the community even more influence in building this new game," Darveau said. "Everything will be tested. Everything will be up for comment. This is the future of video games as we see it. Why not start the future now?"

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