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Inafune shows off side-scrolling action game Azure Striker Gunvolt

Azure Striker Gunvolt, a Nintendo 3DS and 2DS side-scrolling action game directed by Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune, is slated to launch summer 2014, according to the game's reveal trailer and official website.

The single player Inti Creates-developed game "has a sense of fun and imagination you expect from Inti,"according to Inafune. Azure Striker Gunvolt follows protagonist Gunvolt and his quest to free the world from conglomerate, the Sumeragi Group. The nefarious company takes advantage of and abuses people who possess psychic abilities.

Gunvolt is equipped with lightning attacks that strengthen over time, allowing him to hurl lightning rods and voltic chains at enemies. These opponents consist of Sumeragi's physic henchmen, such as Melac who creates wormholes for surprise attacks and Daytona who uses explosions and powerful leap attacks. You can see Azure Striker Gunvolt in action in the trailer above.

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