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Battlefield 4's Carrier Assault mode lets you wage war with an aircraft carrier

Battlefield 4's third downloadable expansion, Naval Strike, will feature the Carrier Assault mode that is a homage to the Titan mode of Battlefield 2142, explains lead gameplay designer Gustav Halling.

Set in the South China Sea, the mode entails two opposing teams launching attacks on each others aircraft carriers in order to destroy the enemy team's carrier before they are infiltrated and destroyed. The two-stage battle begins with a war with sea, land and air vehicles, according to Halling, and then it evolves into an infantry-focused, close quarters fight inside the carriers. Players have two options of destroying the carriers, such as with full map control or with infantry assault.

"Both teams start on their own carrier and race to control the missile launchers placed on the map, by capturing the control points near them," Halling wrote on the official Battlefield blog. "This will automatically launch missiles towards he enemy carrier throughout the round, eventually destroying its hull and making it open for infantry attacks. When this happens for one or both teams, the carrier assault state is started."

"The team can then either drive a boat out to the carrier and climb aboard, or use the parachute spawn points above it," he added. "Once inside, the team must destroy two M-COM stations, which will open up new areas to the carrier, with the engine room being the final one. Destroying the two M-COM's, or bringing down the carrier hull's health to 0%, will win the match for your team."

The "water-based combat" Naval Strike expansion is slated to launch late March for Premium members and will contain four new maps, new weapons, new vehicles and more.

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