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New Battlefield 4 PC patch tweaks weapon balance, Spectator mode

The latest PC patch for Battlefield 4 on Windows PC brings a number of tweaks to weapons and vehicles, as well as several bug fixes for Spectator Mode, according to a post on Battlelog.

A wide range of small balance tweaks have been made to grenades, pistols, rifles, carbines and some vehicles — including lowering the amount of missiles carried by mobile anti-aircraft vehicles, a bump in accuracy for pump shotguns and higher damage dealing for flashbang grenades.

A chat feature has been added to Spectator mode, which allows players to chat in the match they are watching, and spectators will be able to see on scoreboards which player is carrying bombs in Defuse and Obliteration game modes. A few camera changes have been made as well: there is no longer a black screen when switching the camera view between players, and when going from first to third person while in Freecam, the camera will move behind the player spectators last watched. Ammo and health pack as well as revive icons have been removed from the UI and all squad colors have been removed save for red and black.

The patch also brings with it a number of smaller improvements across the board, including to general stability and to lessen some general crashes. Boat physics has been improved for smoother boat handling, maximum rank has been raised to 120, an issue with the kill cam going off early has been fixed along with some issues with blood effects and timing for how long the kill feed stays onscreen has been lessened. The patch also addresses an issue with the resending of data that caused rubber banding on some servers and general improvements and polish have been brought to Battledash and Mission Create.

The full, extensive list of fixes can be found on Battlelog.

Last last month, DICE launched the Platoons social feature for Battlefield 4, which allows groups of up to 100 players to organize a company through public and private feeds. DICE also revealed earlier this month that its Los Angeles studio is taking the reigns for all future Battlefield 4 DLC.

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