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Troy Baker on The Last of Us film: 'You need to trust what they're doing'

Troy Baker, the actor behind Joel from Naughty Dog's The Last of Us, thinks the recently-announced live action movie adaptation is in good hands — though he hasn't revealed if he will be reprising his role for the film, reports IGN.

The voice actor stated fans shouldn't worry about the quality of the adaptation, which is being written by The Last of Us creative director Neil Druckmann.

"From experience I trust implicitly everyone at Naughty Dog," Baker said. "From Christophe to Evan to Bruce Straley to Neil Druckmann. To everyone who liked that game, you need to trust what they're doing. I know that if it wasn't going to be something that accurately represents that story, they wouldn't do it."

Baker suggested he has not been approached yet about participating in the film, though it seems he would enjoy appearing as a character other than Joel. There are still no details on the movie's plot, including whether or not it will follow the story of the video game.

"So I'm 100 percent behind it," he added. "If I get a chance to be a hunter or a clicker, I'd be so happy! But even if not I'll participate in watching the film with just as much enthusiasm and excitement as if I was in it."

The Last of Us film will be distributed by Sony Pictures subsidiary Screen Gems and produced by Ghost House Pictures, production company of veteran horror director Sam Raimi.

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