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Godus beta update coming next week with 'hundreds' of refinements

Developer 22Cans will share more details next week on the next update to the Windows PC beta of its god game Godus, studio head Peter Molyneux confirmed with Polygon this morning.

Molyneux said that for the past few months, 22Cans has been hard at work on a major update for Godus. This update will include "hundreds" of tweaks, including new features and refinements to existing ones.

The update will be released as soon as 22Cans fixes five remaining crash bugs, with Molyneux pegging the fix day as "probably next Tuesday."

"Being part of early access has been an incredible learning experience, and I hope this update justifies the wait that people have had to endure," Molyneux said.

The beta for Kickstarter-funded Godus launched last September through Steam Early Access. The development team has been quiet for a few months, with the most recent details coming from Molyneux in Feb. regarding the game's monetization system. He stated the in-game store won't be open to players until they are deemed ready as part of a monetization model "that hasn't existed before."

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