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Here's how Twitch will work on Xbox One

Microsoft shared a new video today walking users through setup and use of the Twitch app on Xbox One, detailing the features available to players when it launches on March 11.

In the video above, Xbox's Larry Hryb runs down how the app is integrated into the Xbox One system and what steps players must take to broadcast their gameplay.

On the console, players can customize their broadcast to include both their gameplay and video of themselves playing by using the Kinect's camera. Players should make sure their "presence" in their Twitch profile is set to "online" and viewable by anyone in order to broadcast. Players need to also manually set "Share content made using Kinect" to "Allow," check "Allow broadcasts and Game DVR Uploads" in the settings menu and set the Kinect to use its microphone for chat.

Once installed, players can start up Twitch with the Kinect by saying "Xbox broadcast."

The Xbox One Twitch app will launch alongside Respawn Entertainment's mech shooter Titanfall. Polygon recently spoke with Twitch about its plans for the broadcasting service across the Xbox One and Sony's PlayStation 4.

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