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Mobile puzzler series The Room has sold more than 5.4M copies

Mobile puzzle game The Room and its sequel The Room 2 have sold more than 5.4 million copies, according to a tweet from developer Fireproof Games' director and co-founder Barry Meade.

According to Meade, Fireproof recently learned The Room 2 — which launched last Dec. for iOS and last month for Android — has sold 1.2 million copies across the two systems. This number combined with sales of the original 2012 The Room puts total series sales at 5.4 million copies.

"Yet this all happened without Fireproof spending any money on marketing or PR or analysts or analytics," he tweeted. "We had no experience of mobile, we made it up as we went along, our game wasn't a service and we believed in gamer word of mouth.

"But maybe what mobile games needs is less databollocks and more devs who believe in gamers and what gamers want," he added. "Who cares if f2p games're making zintrillion$ if they're barely games at all. Gamers need a space on mobile and only we can create it."

The original The Room was honored with the 2013 Unity Award for Best Gameplay.