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Star Wars: The Old Republic trailer teases housing far, far away

A trailer released today for Star Wars: The Old Republic, BioWare's massively multiplayer online role-playing game for Windows PC, appears to tease an upcoming feature: player housing.

A John Williams-like orchestral soundtrack plays in the background as commuters make their way through packed skyways. And then it winds down with a message: Welcome home. Press play above to see the trailer, which clocks in at 52 seconds. The YouTube video's description also suggests that players "Get ready to make yourself at home in Star Wars: The Old Republic."

For more on Star Wars: The Old Republic, be sure to read our coverage of Galactic Starfighter and the new features that launched when the spaceship-focused expansion became available to the public in early February. You can also learn about where BioWare plans to take the MMORPG in 2014, including plans for two expansions and a new schedule for minor updates.

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