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Marvel: Avengers Alliance adding Winter Soldier, Guardians of the Galaxy content

Facebook and mobile social game Marvel: Avengers Alliance will receive content based on upcoming films Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy, MTV reports.

News was announced today at Marvel's SXSW panel. Missions involving content from The Winter Soldier, expected to launch this month on Facebook, will "run parallel" to the film but still include individual storylines. Speaking with MTV, Marvel vice president of games production TQ Jefferson said that players will face the Captain's enemies "in a way that is unique to games."

"The missions features a great cast of characters longtime comic fans will know, and movie fans may just be getting introduced to like Captain America and Black Widow, or Viper and Baron Strucker," Jefferson said. "Each plays their role in The Winter Soldier's past and how he's being used in the present."

Guardians of the Galaxy content is expected to introduce team characters one at a time.

According to Jefferson, players will be able to get involved with the new content regardless of their Marvel knowledge.

"We bring familiar elements and characters from the movies and the comic books, and use them in a unique way that all players can get behind," Jefferson said. " [...] It's a really huge, unique, evolving world, and it's growing all the time."

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