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Valve developer Aaron Nicholls joins Oculus VR

Developer Aaron Nicholls is the latest Valve employee to leave the company for Oculus VR, according to a tweet sent from the official Oculus VR Twitter account.

"We're thrilled to welcome Aaron Nicholls to the team!" the tweet reads. "He'll be working out of the Bellevue R&D lab with Atman and crew."

Nicholls previously worked as a manager and coder on titles like Gears of War, Halo 3 and Jade Empire. He joined Valve in 2010 where he worked on design, gameplay and systems. Prior to joining Valve, he worked at Microsoft Studios.

The announcement comes only three days after Valve developer Michael Abrash announced that he too was leaving for Oculus VR. According to the tweet, Nicholls will be working with Atman Binstock, who was previously lead engineer on Valve's virtual reality project before he join Oculus VR as chief architect.

Oculus VR recently made headlines after social networking company Facebook acquired it for $2 billion in cash and stock. Company co-founder Palmer Luckey said on Reddit this past weekend that members of Oculus VR received death threats following the announcement of the sale.