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April Fools' brings big, bobblin' noggins to Guild Wars 2

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It's April Fools' Day, a time when video gamers know to have their heads on a swivel for inevitable pranks. And that describes Guild Wars 2's approach to the day, too, bringing bobble-headed characters to the game today.

You can see big-head mode Guild Wars 2 in action in this vine, but a news release promises the oversized noggins will greet players who log in today.

"As players trounce through Tyria, they will have their own heavy-headed character and get the chance to see their friends and foes as bobble heads as well."

Guild Wars 2 has a slew of new features — real ones — on the way April 15, including an enhanced "wardrobe" system that expands character customization options, plus more changes to balance out the game, improve social play and more.