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Half Minute Hero: The Second Coming hits PC April 4

Half Minute Hero: The Second Coming, the sequel to 2009's action role-playing game Half-Minute Hero for the PlayStation Portable, will launch April 4 on PC via Steam.

Those who own the first game on Steam will receive a 25 percent discount for Half Minute Hero: The Second Coming. The upcoming PC release is an upgraded version of the sequel, which originally launched in Japan last August as Yusha 30 Second on the PSP.

The revamped game features full Steam Workshop support and map editor, along with an upgraded Goddess Room that consists of an art gallery and music player. It also includes a single-player campaign, four-player multiplayer with lobbies, as well as infinite battle and time attack modes.

Marvelous AQL teased the western version's release last month with an English language trailer that highlighted the game's features. Prior to that, the company gauged western interest in a localization of the Half-Minute Hero sequel last November.

An XBLA port of the original PSP release launched in 2011, followed by a PC version via Steam late last year. Those interested can check out Half Minute Hero: The Second Coming's intro in our previous coverage.