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Watch Keiji Inafune design Mighty No. 9's robot enemies

The latest Kickstarter backer update for Comcept's Mighty No. 9 details the state of the game as well as what players can expect from the enemies and environments robot protagonist Beck will encounter on his journey.

The grunt enemy robots, shown as sketches in previous updates, are undergoing additional polish and nearing their final forms, according to the update. The video above shows Inafune giving feedback on the humanoid-type enemy robot, which he noted should still be less human-like even though it is built like one. These upright standing robots, instead of holding shields and guns, have their shields integrated into their torso; when they need to use them, their torso rotates around to bring the shield from its back to the front of its body.

The update also includes artwork for an underwater level — a water treatment plant — and a frozen, ice-covered level.

The team shared photos from recent testing of the latest complete Mighty No. 9 level. The photos show Comcept founder Keiji Inafune playing the game, testing Beck's movement and animations and battling boss Mighty No. 5. Based on Inafune's positive reaction and near-constant smile, director Koji Imaeda notes that "production is coming along nicely."

Mighty No. 9 was announced at PAX Prime last fall and launched a Kickstarter campaign shortly after the reveal. The campaign blew past its funding goal in less than two days, racking up nearly $4 million from backers. Inafune also told Polygon a movie adaptation, manga and anime based on Mighty No. 9 are already in the works.

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