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Broforce - Overview video

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Have you ever seen a film with at least three explosions in it? You may enjoy Broforce.

It's really kind of amazing how much Broforce is able to get away with — though its large roster of brotagonists have had their names tweaked, you can very well see that, yes, that's Indiana Jones, and yes, that is Cordell Walker, who is also a Texas Ranger. Parody isn't the only thing it has going for it, though; Broforce also has some really frantic action, clever environmental combat mechanics and some genre-bucking boss fights. Also, Robocop.

In this Overview, Justin and I make our way through the Steam Early Access build of Broforce, giving each of its heroes a whirl in the process. If you want to be surprised with each unlock, you might want to shy away from this video until you, too, have done some whirling.