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There Came an Echo voice-controlled strategy game coming to PS4

There Came an Echo, a real-time strategy game that uses voice commands, is coming to the PlayStation 4, according to lead designer of Iridium Studios Jason Wishnov.

Posting to the PlayStation Blog, Wishnov said the quality of PlayStation 4's basic OS voice commands convinced the development team to bring the game to Sony's console.

Players will have the option of using the game's default commands, entering their own custom words, or ignoring the voice commands altogether and using only the controller.

"You can enter your own custom word or phrase for every existing unit and command in the game," Wishnov said. "Want to talk to your units using nothing but quotes from Zoolander? Done. And for those who still aren't sold (or just have a sleeping roommate), you can fully control the game with your standard DualShock 4, no problem."

The game does not yet have a launch date on the PS4. It was confirmed for the Xbox One last month, and is expected to launch in 2015. There Came an Echo was successfully funded on Kickstarter in 2013.

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