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Outlast Whistleblower delayed to May release for PS4, PC

Outlast's first piece of downloadable content, Whistleblower, has been delayed from its original April launch and will now be available in May, developer Red Barrels announced via its website.

Whistleblower will launch May 6 for PlayStation 4 and Windows PC in North America and May 7 for PS4 in Europe.

When contacted by email, co-founder Philippe Morin told Polygon the delay was for "additional time to polish, mix the sound and debug."

"We felt it was worth it to enhance the experience," Morin said.

Outlast follows a journalist who, after receiving an anonymous tip, begins investigating a mysterious mountain asylum. Whistleblower takes place shortly before the main events of the game; players take on the role of the tipster who witnesses the chain of events that resulted in the asylum's current state.

Outlast was released last year for Windows PC and in February for PlayStation 4. For more on the game, check out our review or interview with co-founder Morin.

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