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Double Fine backs noir adventure Last Life

Last Life is an episodic adventure game in which the central character investigates his own murder.

Developer Rocket Science today launched a Kickstarter for the noir-style game, backed by Double Fine which will be "advising, distributing and helping get the word out" according to Double Fine founder Tim Schafer.

Last Life is a three-episode adventure for Windows PC, Mac and Linux about the murder of a detective on a dysfunctional Martian colony. Via 3D printing tech, he is brought back to life, for a brief period, to solve his own murder. The game is presented in a distinctive polygonal style.

"It's an adventure game with a great look, an intriguing story and a crazy style," said Schafer. "As soon as we saw it we loved it and we knew we wanted to get involved in any way that we could." Schafer's company recently announced Double Fine Presents, a plan to back and help publish indie game developers.

Last Life is being created by Sam Farmer, who stated on his Kickstarter pitch that it's inspired by "modern point and click adventure games like Kentucky Route Zero and Telltale's Walking Dead series." The fund-raising campaign is aiming to collect $75,000.

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