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Heroes of the Storm trailer shows off the power of Kerrigan in action

The latest trailer for Blizzard's upcoming multiplayer online battle arena game Heroes of the Storm shows off what playable character Kerrigan, of the StarCraft franchise, looks like in action.

The battle arena game features a collective of well-known characters from Blizzard's roster of earlier releases, which players can select to fight against other users.

Characters include Diablo of Diablo fame, Stitches and Uther of World of Warcraft and Raynor and Tychus of StarCraft 2, among others.

Last month, Blizzard announced that it would be inviting select users into the early technical alpha for the game, which was revealed last fall to be the rebranding of in-development MOBA Blizzard All-Stars. Heroes of the Storm will launch for Mac and Windows PC at an undetermined date.

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