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Level-5 announces Youkai Watch 2 for 3DS

Level 5 will launch a sequel to Nintendo 3DS ghost taming role-playing game Youkai Watch — Youkai Watch 2 — on July 10 in Japan, according to the latest issue of CoroCoro magazine.

Anime News Network reports that Level-5 will release two editions of Youkai Watch 2, the Ganso (Founder) edition and the Honke (Head) edition, both of which allow players to earn a different rare medal. The title will also reveal the origins behind the youkai watch, the mysterious accessory protagonist Keita uses to interact with ghosts. He and his friends will travel back in time to Japan's early 20th-century Showa era, meet a new ghost-taming boy named Keizo and face off against a powerful demon.

The game will also include new events for Keita, including climbing trees to hunt for new ghosts and bicycle races. Those who already played the original Youkai Watch will also have the opportunity to bond with unique returning ghosts in Youkai Watch 2.

The original Youkai Watch launched in July 2013 for 3DS in Japan. There has been no word on international localization for the title, but Level-5 recently gauged interest via Twitter for North American and European versions of the game.

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