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The Crew's swappable specs will 'open up new styles' of racing

Ubisoft's upcoming massively multiplayer online role-playing racing game, The Crew, will feature five different specs, or classes, that players can swap between to tailor their play style, communications association Anne Lewis announced via the UbiBlog.

According to Lewis, no vehicle "will ever be obsolete," and players can stick to their preferred spec to upgrade. Those that do choose to switch around won't be punished with a depreciating Spec. Every mission will be associated with a different spec, but players can always call friends for help.

The game's five options are Street, Dirt, Perf, Raid or Circuit specs, each of which serves a very different purpose. Game director Julian Gerighty calls the Street Spec a "Jack of all trades" option that allows players to customize their vehicle however they like. However, this vehicle shouldn't be taken off-road for "massive amounts of time."

The Dirt Spec, meanwhile, is meant for cross-country driving. On the downside, it won't be as fast on a road as the Street Spec. Players seeking a completely off-road experience can also try the Raid Spec, which requires no dirt tracks at all.

"Raid is all about bouncing across terrain, discovering things and going into inaccessible places," Gerighty said. "It's all about freedom and getting the most out of the environment."

For players looking for a fast ride, there's the Perf Spec. This spec is intended for roads and requires tight control, but gives players a boost in speed. The Circuit Spec also offers speed with more familiar handling. Like several other specs, Circuit vehicles aren't intended for off-roading.

"As you go from major city to major city throughout the campaign, the specs you gather will open up new styles and areas of the game to explore," Lewis wrote. "Of course, if you choose to take things out of order, that's okay too. If you come up against a Mission that requires a spec you don't have in your garage yet, the game will provide a 'loaner' to get you through it."

The Crew is expected to launch this fall for PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One, following a delay from its planned first quarter 2014 release. The game is currently available to pre-order in both a standard retail edition and limited edition.