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Half Minute Hero: The Second Coming - Overview video

Genre-mixing isn't exactly a new video game concept, but Half Minute Hero has always taken it to new extremes.

At its core, Half Minute Hero: The Second Coming, the unlikely localized sequel that launched on Steam earlier this week, is a role-playing game. Which is to say, there are stats, and swords and dragons — but that ignores its Pac-Man-esque path mastery, its puzzle mechanics, its shrewd (and occasionally punishing) economy. It's arguably more of a racing game than anything else, only, instead of a car, you're steering a heroic fantasy archetype. Or a walking castle, depending on where you're at in the game.

In this Overview, Phil and I tackle some of these heady concepts head-on, taking much longer than 30 seconds to do so. We certainly tried to keep the video appropriately brief, but a giant, ambulatory castle isn't exactly the kind of thing you can walk away from.

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